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Ferrari 348 Spider


True convertible Ferraris have traditionally not been extremely popular with Ferrari’s production planners. Only 200 275 GTS’s vs. 454 275 GTB’s; 100 330 GTS’s vs. 600 330 GTC’s; 20 365 GTS’s vs. 150 365 GTC’s; 122 365 GTB/ 4 Spyders vs. 1, 383 365 GTB/ 4 Berlinettas. While the GTS designation was adopted for the various targa-top Ferraris – 246 GTS, 308 GTS/ GTSi/ GTS QV, 328 GTS and 348 ts, the 365 GTB/ 4 “Daytona” Spyder was the last two-seat true convertible production Ferrari to be made, and it went out of production almost 20 years ago! Devotees of true open-air motoring since then have had to be content with the various models of Mondial Cabriolets. The purists, however, found the 2+2 configuration a negative feature.

Ferrari has now corrected this shortcoming with the new Spider, based on the 348 but apparently not using that nomenclature. The car is also Ferrari’s first ever production mid-engine two-seat full convertible. The new Spider incorporates many of the improvements recently introduced on the 348 Serie Speciale. Externally this means an F40-style front spoiler; new front grill featuring a chrome prancing horse; bumpers, rocker panels and engine cover in body colour; and new rear grill also with a chrome prancing horse.

The interior has been slightly changed, with the rear bulkhead reconfigured to allow the seats to go further back to better accommodate tall drivers. But, thankfully, the hard-to-get-into-and-out-of F40-style seats of the Serie Speciale have NOT been carried over into the Spider.

Mechanically, the Spider has the new less-restrictive exhaust system, which increases horsepower by 12. This, combined with shorter gearing, gives an estimated top speed of 173 mph and a 0 to 60 mph time of 5. 3 seconds. Refinements continue to be made to the 348’s handling (Car and Driver referred to the rear suspension as “independent to the point of defiance”).

History (cont): Different springs and shock absorbers have been fitted, the geometry revised, and the rear track increased. The chassis has been reinforced, as has the windshield frame to compensate for the rigidity lost with the removal of the full (or partial) roof of the tb/ ts versions.

When raised, the manual convertible top (available in black only) does a good imitation of the roofline of the berlinetta. When lowered, it virtually disappears beneath its cover, leaving the lines of the Spider clean.

In defence of Ferrari’s past practices, it should be pointed out that demand, not Italian whims, dictated the number of convertibles produced. One market where open-air motoring has always been popular is the United States. In the 50’s and 60’s Ferrari catered to that market with the aptly named Spyder California; in the 70’s almost 80 per cent of the Daytona Spyder’s production was slated for that side of the pond. With that market in mind, Ferrari took the sensible route and chose to debut the new Spider in California, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Taken from Ferrari Market Letter Vol. 18 No. 6

Description: Delivered new and registered to the first owner on 1st August 1993. The car then passed through a further 3 owners before being bought by the present owner on 1st August 2015. The car is complete with its original service book, handbook, leather wallet and tools.

Ferrari 348 Spider

1993 Ferrari 348 Spider – Right Hand Drive

Manufacturer: Ferrari Automobile S. P. A. Maranello, Italy.

Chassis No: ZFFUA43C000097372

Engine No: 34854

Registration No: L523 APJ

Colour: Rosso Corsa with Crema hide. Rosso carpets.

Recorded mileage: 14, 660 miles.

Body: Designed by Pininfarina. Two door convertible.

Mechanical specification.

Engine: V8. 3405cc. 85mm x 75mm. 10. 4:1 compression. 320 BHP @ 7200rpm Bosch Motronic M2. 7 ignition. Four overhead camshafts. Operating four valves per cylinder.

Gearbox: Five speed all synchromesh with reverse.

Chassis: Monocoque with space frame carrying power unit.

Steering: Rack and pinion.

Brakes: Four ventilated discs all round with servo assistance. Anti-lock braking system.

Wheels: Light alloy 7½ J x 17″ front

     9J  x 17″ rear.

Production: 1 of 68 U. K. cars.

Fitted options: Immobiliser.


Length: 166. 5”


Width: 74. 5”


Height: 46”


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+44 020 8995 6995